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Serving the communities of Santa Cruz, Capitola, Live Oak, Soquel, Aptos and surrounding areas. We offer first class, local and long distance passenger transportation and small package/parcel delivery services. Whether you need a ride across town or a long distance ride to the airport, you can rely on Deluxe Cab to deliver! We welcome one-time taxi users as well as corporate accounts. Reach us directly by phoning our 24 hour dispatch at 831-475-3232.
1 - Passenger caused clean up 2 - Meter only rates apply to our central service areas which include the city limits of Santa Cruz, Capitola and surrounding areas. An extra charge may be added to the meter or a minimum flat rate may apply to certain fares picked up and/or delivered to an area outside our regular service area. This fee covers dead mileage and time to outside area pick-up location. The dispatcher and/or driver will always attempt to advise passengers of any such additional charges. If you call for service outside our service area to be transported back into our service area, no dead mileage fee will be charged. Cash Payment Prefered Credit Cards accepted for most Taxi fares. Please advise / request through our dispatchers the use of a credit card before booking your trip.
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